How Our Journey Started…

Our journey started with a dream and a bit of inspiration…

We bought SV Perseverance in the fall of 2019, after being inspired by other families and couples already sailing the world and sharing their adventures through video. Gino was working in the land surveying industry in CA, and needed to return to the peace of the water. After watching thousands (literally!) of sailing videos, we started our search for the perfect vessel.

We knew a catamaran was the right choice from the beginning, and hours of research helped us discover Fountaine Pajot’s reputation for quality, comfort and durability. Our search on the West Coast did not yield any suitable catamarans, so we turned our attention to the East Coast. Luck was with us, as we found Perseverance, a 2006 40-foot Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi, waiting for us in Baltimore, MD. Her previous owner, Doctor Dave, was amazing to meet, and once he heard Gino’s vision and story, has been a staunch supporter.

Our first round of repairs included replacing lines and parts, cleaning and repairing the motors, and a thorough bottom painting (thank you Scorpion Marine and Melbourne Marine Diesel for your amazing work!).

Perseverance served us well, especially during our encounter with Hurricane Isaias. We decided to embark on an extensive refit, updating the solar panels, installing lithium batteries, repairing stanchions and a leaky window, rewiring part of the boat, and cleaning miles (literally) of extraneous wires off of the boat. These new upgrades not only have made Perseverance a blue water boat, but will allow us to jump full force into our new adventures.

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Bottom Painting Before and After

One of the updates that Perseverance needed the most was bottom painting. Our friends at Scorpion Marine Sales and Service not only did an amazing job with the bottom painting, but they also helped with a thorough detailing and servicing the dinghy’s outboard motor.

Updating the Captain’s Chair

Our old captain’s chair was not the most comfortable – it lacked sufficient padding, and with no back rest made long sails quite uncomfortable. Our new captain’s chair is nicely padded, has a high, comfortable back rest, and can even change directions.

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