Meet the Crew


“The Dive Guy”

Captain, Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Gino has been scuba diving since he was 14 years old and has taught thousands of students throughout the world. He pioneered diving for children (helped create the Bubble Maker course) and has championed diving with disabilities.

Gino hopes to share scuba diving with a greater audience, and help others experience the joy of diving.

PADI Instructor #98669



Rachel is new to scuba diving and sailing, but already loves the peacefulness of the water. She handles the creative side of Sailing Perseverance, managing our social media, website and video creation.


“First Mate”

Adan is no stranger to the water, having been an avid swimmer, body border, and beginning surfer. He can’t wait to scuba dive and learn how to sail Perseverance.


“Shark Bait”

Eva is just learning how to swim, which makes being aboard Perseverance quite interesting! Her favorite things to do are watch for dolphins and turtles, and swing in the hammocks.

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